General practice

Comprehensive and complete servicing of business activities is not possible without so-called “General practice”.  It represents the connecting element that integrates into a unified system all our knowledge and skills and allows us to face prepared all surprises, presented by business and life in general.
Every businessman needs to take on a daily basis decisions, related to various branches of the law. Some of these decisions are regular and insignificant; others are of great importance. All of them, however, require timely and competent legal support.
The scope of our General Practice includes:

Commercial law

  • Initial registration, reorganization, termination of all type of companies;
  • Registration of changes and publication of the acts, subject to registration in the Registry Agency – Commercial Register;
  • Changes in the capital and the structure of the companies, changes in the type of shares;
  • Representation of the client before the commercial and licensing institutions and others national and local authorities;
  • Preparation of all types of commercial contracts;
  • Legal assistance in issuing and claim of bills of exchange;
  • Legal assistance of complex business transactions;
  • Representation before BCCI, BIA, etc.

Real estate law

Due diligence of real estate legal status;

Legal services to owners and users of real estate, to investors and constructors in concluding contracts for purchase and sale of real estate; rental and leasing contacts, etc.;

Consulting and assistance during the negotiation and drafting of preliminary contracts for sale and purchase of real estate, mortgages, drafts of deeds and representation before a notary.

Law of obligation

  • Legal assistance in negotiations;
  • Preparation of all types of contracts and changes in contracts;
  • Preparation of treaties and agreements;
  • Renewal and repayment of liabilities, transfers of claims;
  • Mediation and negotiation with banks;
  • Protection against abuse of rights.

Administrative law

  • Legal assistance  in connection with the issuance of administrative acts;
  • Consultations on administrative procedures;
  • Representation of physical persons and legal entities before administrative authorities;
  • Legalization of foreign administrative acts;
  • Appealing of administrative acts – administrative and court phase.

Litigation and arbitration

  • Representation of clients in civil, commercial and administrative disputes before all judicial instances and arbitration courts in Bulgaria;
  • Legal assistance in connection with unfair competition and industrial property protection - representation before the Commission for Protection of Competition, the Commission for Protection against Discrimination, the Commission for Personal Data Protection, Commission for Consumer Protection and other institutions;
  • Legal assistance in the recognition and execution of decisions of foreign courts in the Republic of Bulgaria;
  • Mediation and other means of alternative dispute resolution.

Bad debt collection

The essence of the problem
The accumulation of unfulfilled intercompany liabilities in recent years resulted in the following negative outcomes:

  • Chain delay of payments, where the delay or non-payment of duties is perceived as natural conduct;
  • Increasing adaptability of debtors against the legal methods of bad debt collection, expressed in systematic attempts to sabotage the judicial defenses of creditors and to avoid paying their debts;
  • Decreasing effectiveness of court procedures, because of their slowness.

Given these adverse circumstances, the protection of creditor’s interest should be directed towards:

  • Extrajudicial protections of creditor’s rights;
  • Hindering the opportunities of debtors to sabotage bad debt collection;
  • Complex examination of debtors’ property rights, so that creditors’ claims shall not be dependent on debtor's collectibles.

Specifics of this approach
Opposed to most lawyers’ practices that focus on court procedure with their slowness and complications, as well as with the increased legal protection of the debtor, we have developed an original approach, based on the following principles:

  • Legal automatism;
  • Preliminary securing of the claim;
  • Consolidation of debts at the creditor or at a third party;
  • Exercise of debtor’s rights towards its debtors;
  • Blocking the ability of the debtor to participate in transactions or receiving payments;
  • Insolvency of the debtor;
  • Criminal prosecution of the debtor for crimes against creditors.

Specific approach in solving cases with high complexity (Financial arbitrage)
In cases involving complex relationships of indebtedness among many persons, our team has developed a specific and innovative method for settlement and mutual payment of these obligations. This legal method allows the most rational reduction of intercompany indebtedness while at the same time maintains the existing cash resources and is executed under the most favorable tax regime.

Actions, described above, are the result of more than ten years of experience of our team in the regulation of contractual relations among Bulgarian economic entities. The high intensity of the applied impact, as well as the attraction of property rights of the widest possible range of people to meet the creditor’s claim lead to "collective pressure" on the debtor to fulfill its obligation and narrow its space to avoid payment.
Experience shows that a properly planned system of actions leads to the regulation of relations in medium terms from one to four months - considerably faster and more predictable than court procedures.